A workshop
in a desert
We love the passion that comes from enjoying a challenge that creates novelty out of extremity, and is something that nobody has ever tried.
Our goals
What we crave...
welfare benefits
Let’s do this together
Our goals
To be an organization where members communicate just as water flows, and an organization where lateral relations and teamwork have stabilized. These will make the energy for growth and create a synergy unique to JGC. We create our own history with positive thinking that challenges the status quo.
Synergy of communication, lateral energy and sympathy
What we crave...
Conscientiousness, Frankness
A person who returns change received in excess
Acuity, Sensitivity
A person who notices it at once when a friend asks: “Haven’t you noticed something different about me?”
Wit, Sense
A person who can tell you that there is some red pepper powder between your teeth without embarrassing you  
Courage, Confidence
A person who can get off work at 6 pm sharp without being self-conscious
Tenacity, Patience
[Challenge, Concentration]
A person who can put a thread through the small eye of a needle
Appealing Points of JGC
welfare benefits
We have worked hard, so let’s go! Annual workshop for refreshment
We watch a movie once a month to imagine different kinds of lives.
Family comes before work! The last Friday of every month is a family day which enables employees to spend happy hours with their family.
Healing Day
A step backward before taking two steps forward! You have worked hard, so take a rest for healing… When you are full of laughter, when you are sad or when you are happy… we are always on your side.
An unexpected gift for you
Sports Day
A healthy company built by healthy employees! An exciting sports festival where we eat and enjoy!
A space where employees can comfortably feel at home, as if they were in a book café. They can take a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee and desserts while break time to read during busy company life
The health of employees is the health of the company. A comprehensive medical checkup is carried out for all employees.
Free Food
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks… no more worries what to eat! Let’s nourish our mind with a different food and dessert menu every day!
CEO-Staff Lunch DAY
A time when employees can discuss about the company with the CEO while enjoying lunch together
Culture Day
Diverse cultural/sports events are held and cultural life expenses are supported.
Support for participation in domestic and overseas conferences and training; support for family events, festive season gifts, support for small social gatherings of all employees, etc.
Let’s pursue our dreams together.
Let’s do this together,
We take a leap forward as a global group by widening our sphere of activity to the world through international financing, M&A and investment based on housing construction and real estate development, construction projects, resorts, leisure, golf course projects,etc.
Management Support Office
Personnel General Affairs Planning Administration Training
Strategic Business Team
Business Planning Land Purchase Licensing Real Estate Financing Order Analysis
Marketing (Promotion) Team
Advertisement·Promotion Media Sales Civil Complaint
Legal Affairs Office
Lawsuit Affairs Contract Review Legal Advice Compliance Support
Finance Team
Accounting Tax Affairs Funds Account Settlement
Technical Sales Team
Government Affairs Site Management Technology Development Safety Checkup Process Control
Golf Course Sector
Business Management Support Customer Relations Course Management Facility Management Marketing
Tower Operation & Technology Team
Business Management Support Technology Research Facility Management Operation Marketing
Resort & Hotel Business Team
Business Management Support Customer Relations Facility Management Marketing
Employment procedures
Primary documentscreening → Secondary interview (in-depth) screening
Documents to be submitted
CV, Cover letter,Career certificate
Work environment
Permanent position, 5 days a week, various welfare benefits (Work hours allocated are dependent on the place of work and circumstances.)
Inquiries by phone
Business Management Support Office 031-281-2200
Common matters
Job applications can be submitted
only through www.saramin.co.kr.
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